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3 Steps to Making a New Years Resolution that Counts

Posted by USFHP on Jan 6, 2021 10:09:00 AM

3 Steps to Making a New Years Resolution that Counts

The infamous New Year’s resolution is a longstanding staple of the early part of January—when we aim to pursue our goals, typically by leaving behind bad habits and committing to good ones. But the task of setting resolution goals can be daunting for some, as the road paved with good intentions can quickly descend into a spiral of disappointment and reactionary self-defeat when those intentions come up short. Below is our list of 3 simple pointers to follow for making a New Year’s resolution that will lead to success, prevent backsliding, and make it easy to keep going if you don’t land at the intended target. 

Don’t Be Overambitious
When we set goals that are too lofty we have a greater tendency to get less far than if we set our sights with reasonable expectations on attainable endpoints that still provide a challenge. Taking baby-steps by setting micro-goals to help you complete one small process after another until you reach a larger goal can be an easy method for tackling greater pursuits.

Allow Room for Error
One mistake is no permanent break in the path to success. Allow yourself preemptive room for failure so that if you fall off the horse you can jump right back on. Don’t fall on purpose, but if you do land in the weeds, have a strategy for picking up where you left off so that your goals aren’t completely abandoned at the first sign of shortcoming. 

Be Adaptable
Don’t limit yourself to a single set of hard and fast rules about your New Year’s goals. You can always scale up or scale down, if you start with a goal in mind and it seems too difficult, go ahead and adjust to something more within your reach. If your goal seems too easy, try stepping things up a notch and go for something with a higher level of difficulty. 

Whether practicing a more restrictive diet or hitting the gym on a consistent basis, New Year’s resolutions can be a great way to start the year right with a clear path toward a healthy and satisfying lifestyle. 

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