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Alzheimer’s Disease: Being Actively Aware

Posted by USFHP on Aug 31, 2022 12:00:00 PM

Photo by Matthias Zomer

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills, and is the most common cause of dementia.In most cases, the symptoms of Alzheimer’s start to show later in life and the majority of people are 65 and older. 

Alzheimer's is a progressive disease and  worsens over time. Memory loss is mild in the early stages, but individuals lose the ability to carry on a conversation and respond to their environment at the late stages. After being diagnosed, there is an average life expectancy of 4 to 8 years but patients can live as long as 20 years, depending on other factors.


  • Memory loss
  • Poor judgment leading to bad decisions
  • Loss of spontaneity and sense of initiative
  • Taking longer to complete normal daily tasks
  • Repeating questions
  • Wandering and getting lost
  • Mood and personality changes
  • Increased anxiety and/or aggression

Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Mild: People experience greater memory loss and other cognitive difficulties
  • Moderate: People experience trouble with language, reasoning, conscious thought, and sensory processing, such as the ability to correctly detect sounds and smells
  • Severe: Brain tissue shrinks significantly and the individual cannot communicate and is dependent on others for their care.

How We Can Help
Although there is no cure for Alzheimer’s Disease, there are ways to detect it early and prevent it from developing. USFHP Primary Healthcare Plan provides routine doctor's visits, hospitalization, prescription coverage, preventative health care coverage, and specialty care. We’ve also developed incentive programs that give rewards to our members for meeting certain health goals.

Visit or call 1-800-241-4848 for help finding a provider or assistance scheduling an appointment.