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Balancing Blood Pressure

Posted by USFHP on Feb 17, 2021 9:36:57 AM

Blood pressure is a vital measure that can be easy to gauge.

Avoiding Hypertension and Staying Healthy

Blood pressure is a vital measure that can be easy to gauge, yet it can cause many health complications if your numbers are not where they need to be. For adults above the age of 35 high blood pressure levels can be a common threat that lead to numerous other severe health conditions including kidney failure, heart disease, and stroke.

Kyle Wilson’s Story

Kyle Wilson prided himself on working hard and playing hard. A construction worker by trade, Mr. Wilson worked 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. He and his coworkers ate breakfast and lunch from the food truck daily. After a hard day of work the guys would meet at the local bar, have a few beers, eat quick appetizers, and cheer on their favorite team!  After leaving  his friends one evening, Kyle began to have a severe headache and by the time he reached the house he had developed chest pain, difficulty breathing, his vision became impaired, and he had started to have a nosebleed. Something was wrong. Kyle’s wife rushed him to the emergency care unit nearby. He was given treatment and was informed he was suffering from hypertension and would require an extreme lifestyle change or he eventually could experience a heart attack or stroke. 

Today, Kyle knows he has to keep his diet healthy by avoiding foods high in sugar, saturated fats, and heavily processed foods. He eats no less than 50% vegetables daily and minimizes his intake of red meats, refined starches, and fried foods. At the same time he aims to get at least 30 minutes of moderate activity each day. These simple steps have helped him get off of his blood pressure medication and have greatly reduced his risk of suffering further heart failure. He takes it one step at a time and makes regular visits to his doctor to examine his condition and ensure that his blood pressure is at the right level.  


We’ve partnered with the highly recognized healthcare technology leader, Welldoc, to provide a unique app experience just for you. Their BPStar app is a blood pressure coach that delivers real-time feedback and education. It helps our members achieve their blood pressure health goals through it’s coaching, education, motivation, and accountability. The app is designed to promote, track, and encourage healthy choices among individuals with existing diagnoses of hypertension (high blood pressure).

At USFHP we encourage our members to schedule regular appointments with their PCP. Early detection is our best medicine. Our number one priority is the health of our members. Our staff is here to help you stay on track. We will partner with you to meet your goals. Be it weight loss, exercise or establishing a nutrition plan …we are here for you!  Members who stay on track can receive monetary rewards for meeting their individual health goals.  

Call 1-800-241-4848, we will walk you quickly through the process and help you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician to get you tested right away.

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