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Dealing with Allergies

Posted by USFHP on Jun 22, 2022 12:00:00 PM

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In the United States there are upwards of 40 to 60 million Americans who navigate, what can feel like, uncharted territories of managing seasonal allergies. Those of us who continually overcome these daily, recurrent, frustrating, and annoying symptoms are most certainly justified in feeling this way.  But, you may be surprised how charted these territories actually are. We’re here to provide some ideas for you to use or implement on your journey as you navigate your allergy terrain. Take a look at a few of our suggestions below and these natural ways to defeat allergies.

Remember, allergies attack the individual, with individual symptoms. Allergies are never a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It’s more trial and error—testing and finding the remedies that work for YOU, the individual. If your allergies are too much to bear, and your normal remedies aren’t working, consult with your doctor and see an allergist, who can help pinpoint what it is that’s causing your discomfort.   

Ideas for the Home

  • Use a HEPA Filter to clean the air 
  • Use humidifiers 
  • Replace furnace filters regularly
  • Wipe away mold from the corners (bathrooms and sink)
  • Steam clean couches 
  • Remake the bed(s)
  • Get a welcome mat

Ideas for You

  • Take off your shoes upon entering the house
  • Change your clothes if you’re not leaving, before you sit down and get cozy
  • Use a Neti-pot
  • Saline Rinse to start and end the day

Other Considerations

  • Purchase washable pet toys and beds  
  • Natural remedies 
  • Check the conditions of the air for the day. If the levels of pollution and allergens are high for the area, consider wearing a mask

It really is a wonder, how otherwise non-threatening things, such as dust, mites, pollen and pet hair can influence our daily lives in a way that can become overwhelming, especially if gone unchecked.  The good thing is, there are a lot of tools and options at our disposal to help us take back control in our journey in dealing with allergies.  While living with allergies can be a rough, annoying ride, we’re not alone and there’s much that can be done to take back control.

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