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Our Summer Call to You

Posted by USFHP on Jul 27, 2022 1:00:00 PM

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July is a month of historic reflection for the United States. In 1941 the US officially recognized the 4th of July as Independence Day. This has naturally led to July being marked by constant summer festivities and celebrations. These celebrations have righteously grown to be associated with family BBQ’s at the park, large gatherings at local stadiums, churches and schools, with music, dancing, and fireworks!

We always encourage safe, responsible, healthy gatherings with family friends and loved ones, especially during these hot summer months. In addition to these celebrations and selected activities, we call on you to use this month as a time to reflect on your life and happiness. 

Remember - Think about experiences you’ve had with your family and friends and the freedoms or lack thereof that you’ve had. Follow the guidance of the WebMD Chief Medical Officer John Whyte, who provides insights on the need for and the good consequence of self-reflection.  

Resolve - To be positive, happy and hopeful. Take a look at these quick findings from a Harvard medical study on how happiness increases health. 

Regain - Take a look at the CDC's recommendations and reasonings for the need to be physically fit. We encourage you to go outside, feel the fresh air and get active during this time of our Independence. And always consult with your doctor before making any lifestyle changes.

Don't forget, activity comes in all shapes and sizes, so try not to focus solely on ‘sports’ or 'gym' as the only form of physical activity.. If you're having some concerns about how to start, consult your doctor and get a physical.  That's a great start to see where you're at. In addition, here are some tips for those who heed this call  to get back in action this summer! 

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