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3 Ways to Support Our Tiny Troops

Posted by Faith Smalls on Jun 19, 2015 5:06:00 PM

Those little cuties aren’t enlisted. But in some ways they march to the same beat as their parents. When our soldiers put on their uniforms and head out to serve us, they don’t leave completely by themselves. In some ways, their kids tag along on that mission … that sacrifice...


Deployments mean children are temporarily without their fathers or mothers. Spouses are separated.  And the pressure on the parent at home to pull everything together with finances, the household, and school can be overwhelming.

 So what does this mean for kids?

Worry, depression, withdrawal? Not necessarily.

Whatever the emotional state of your child, consider these approaches to lift their spirits and make life a little easier for them.

We-are-family fun – No excuses. Do the laundry another day. Allow those little scholars to finish their homework later. Then you and your kids hit the town!

Little children revel in family events. Teens sometimes murmur and mumble about them, but deep inside they, too, love those special times. And mom, dad, kids, Rover and the rest of the gang are left with soul-satisfying memories that last a lifetime. You can’t lose!

Material things can’t buy happiness, but finding a bargain can give anyone a quick rush. As you already know, lots of stores offer military discounts. But maybe you’re too busy to keep track of who has what.

It’s simple. Just write ‘’ on a piece of paper and post it on your fridge. This site offers a comprehensive array of deals. If Junior ever needs a tutor or a new cell phone, it might come in handy.

 “Lean on me” – Take family and friends up on this offer. While some people are uncomfortable asking for help, not doing so could mean a great disservice to your children’s emotional well-being.  When parents are burnt out, children can’t help but feel stressed. You and your kids can benefit tremendously from allowing others to lighten your load.

So, let the kids’ favorite aunt take them to a movie so you can put your feet up for a while.

USFHP understands the importance of “me time” for our caregivers during deployment and beyond.

In recognition of Military Spouse Appreciation Month, USFHP sponsored several events in support of the families of our service members. On May 12th, we hosted A Morning of Pampering and Health at The Mitchel Field Family Center, an event for USFHP members who reside at Balfour Housing in Garden City.

 The day’s activities included relaxing exercises, 15 minute massages, and healthy eating tips from our staff Dietician Laura Burak. Talk about unwinding!







Learn more about US Family Health Plan’s upcoming events or call 1-800-241-4848.

Also, check out local support groups for military families. It can be quite comforting to talk with people who completely relate to your lifestyle and its particular challenges.

There’s not much we wouldn’t do for our children. Maybe you score serious parent points because of that much-coveted Christmas gift you bought your son. Or, your little girl flashes you an ear-to-ear smile because you let her rock that grown-up hairstyle. 

No matter how big, small, serious, or trivial, acts leading to a better life or a tad more joy for our kids are worthwhile. Don’t you agree?