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Posted by Siri on Mar 15, 2017 10:08:33 AM

Hi FAM, 

 Crazy how so many college students accumulate debt before they even get a chance to start their career. It’s like you’re set up to fail right out of the gate. You can pick a major you love but the salaries for that job don’t evCareer Choices.jpgen cover half of your financial debt or you could pick a major which will probably guarantee you a job and the salary you need to cover all your finances.

Is it fair?

Knowing that young adults have to take out thousands of dollars in student loans to cover tuition for a major that can’t even help them pay it back is ridiculous. Then the saying “well you should’ve picked a different major” comes into play. As young students we are encouraged to follow our dreams-- then when we pursue them, we are ridiculed for not making a better choice when choosing our majors... I’m at my wits end!

I found that job I loved, but of course, the pay wasn’t enough to cover my bills. So I became that adult I’ve been talking about and settled for the security of a higher paying job  minus the passion that I so desired when I graduated from college.

What I’ve learned in my few adult years is that sometimes we are forced to make decisions that best fit our needs at that time. I also feel that passion is like an undiagnosed disease that lays dormant, festers and grows until one day it emerges again. It’s that hope that allows me to step out on faith and do the responsible thing—knowing that my “choice job” is only around the corner.

US Family Health Plan encourages our members to pursue what makes you happy and if paying off your student loans makes you happy...then--- you know the rest.



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