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How are you spending this Memorial Day?

Posted by Rhonda Morris on May 24, 2015 11:48:44 AM

What are you doing this weekend? That's probably the most commonly asked question across our nation, as people begin winding things down at work and school and plan on the barbecue party, parade or social event they are hosting or attending.

But you and other service members know there's so much more to Memorial Day than hot dogs and cold beers. This is an important time to reflect on those soldiers who served faithfully and paid the ultimate price for the freedoms and safety we all enjoy.

However, this time of remembrance need not be overly somber either.

It's also a time of hope as we consider the grand possibilities in life--that remain within our reach-for Americans collectively and for each of us individually- thanks to the heroic acts of the service men and women who served our nation.

Why not plant a seed in remembrance of a fallen hero? It will bloom each year and remind you of a life that has passed but whose impact will last forever. I think thats such a life affirming tribute. Plant it in a special place in your garden, backyard or community space. Each year as you watch it bloom you are reminded of how precious life is.

 Make it a family tradition that occurs each Memorial Day before the hoopla of the day begins. Now when someone ask "What are you doing this weekend', you can say "Creating a lifetime memory"...

Reflect, Remember, Enjoy...Memorial Day.


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