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June 14th is Flag Day: Give Old Glory Her Due

Posted by Faith Smalls on Jun 14, 2015 8:00:00 AM

The day is quietly recognized. That is, compared to Memorial Day or Veterans Day. Perhaps some of your non-military friends barely observe it. As bad as it may sound, that reality may lie in the fact that June 14th, Flag Day, is not a Federal holiday, so many people don't have the day off...


 Let’s give it a little more tic!

“Raise your flag in the air; and wave it like you just don’t care, and if you’re proud of your country-- let me hear you say “Oh Yeah”!

There’s lots of fascinating information to dive into as well.

The dramatic history and timeless stories that the American flag symbolizes stand as a rich testimony of the resilience and perseverance of America. 

Let’s not forget the untold conflict and loss of life General George Washington and his contemporaries witnessed all around them before they were ready to consider the creation of a flag representing our newly found unity. Even the first seamstress of the American flag, Betsy Ross, endured personal tragedy with the loss of two husbands in the Revolutionary War.

Certainly, there are more heart wrenching and inspirational flag stories where that came from. But it can be difficult for most people – myself included – to mentally and emotionally transport oneself to a time in the past. I mean truly connect with the thoughts and feelings of the very people who experienced an event. Perhaps this is also the case with Flag Day.

Whatever the reasons for this generally low-key day, quiet on the outside doesn’t have to mean quiet on the inside. 

The vibrant, fiery spirit of the Star Spangled Banner should glow even brighter in our hearts, as we proudly commemorate Flag Day on June 14th.