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Keeping Up With New Year Resolutions

Posted by Siri on Jan 4, 2017 11:36:02 AM

The New Years is here and every year people always say they have these “New Year Resolutions” that majority of the time they don’t live up to. .

US Family Health Plan – a TRICARE Prime Health Program wants to help guide you with your resolutions this year by giving helpful tips to make an easy transition for a better goal fufilled year.


  1. Quitting Smoking is probably one of the most common resolutions people make every year. It is also the most challenging one. The first thing to do to help with this addiction is to stay busy. Keep gum and or hard candy in your pocketbook or pockets. When the urge comes---chew-chew-chew. Walking relieves stress and will allow you to think while you walk---A free mind will temporarily remove the desire to smoke. Go to a movie or a place that is non –smoking. Also remember to remove yourself from the people, places or things that trigger your urge to smoke. Simply surround yourself with friends and loved ones who are non-smokers. Staying positive when battling an addiction can be quite challenging, so try to stay positive and ask for help.
  1. New Job/Career, , Finding a new job for the New Year may be on a lot of people’s agenda but most often we get comfortable at our current position or become complacent in our job search. If you want to stay committed to finding a new job work your personal network by using contacts you’ve became familiar with over time. Also expand your horizon, branch out and apply for jobs and or companies that are new to you.
  1. Change of diet. Another cliché resolution is to change your diet and eat healthy for the New Year, but usually after the second day that resolution goes down the drain. If you want to eat healthy first start off by checking labels, eating up to 2,000 calories a day can help you diet and lose weight quickly. Another tip is cooking meals at home which will also help you save money as well help with your healthy diet.
  2. Better Spending habits, a lot of people tend to have bad spending habits and are constantly spending money they don’t have or buying things they really can’t afford. For the New Year try

This motto” If you can’t buy it twice, don’t buy it once”.  Also cut back on wants and focus on your needs. Another helpful saving technique is taking every $5 you come across and saving it.

  1. Finishing an Unfinished project, People are constantly starting projects and never finishing it. Either life gets in the way or they get bored and push it to the side. If you want to finish out uncompleted projects for the new year start off by thinking about these things
  • Make a list of unfinished projects
  • Decide which one you want to finish first
  • Write out in detail the steps to take to finish your project
  • Stay prioritized
  • Focus on one project at a time and avoid distractions
  • Avoid getting overwhelmed

By following these steps you should be able to finish your unfinished projects and there’s no better feeling than accomplishing something you worked so hard for.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

To fulfill these resolutions you must stay focused and be determined to accomplish them. All of these goals have steps to help you achieve them. Remember to, write it down, put it up somewhere that you are constantly reminded of it and will stay on task. It’s important to keep positive people around you who know and respect your goals and are willing to push you.

And most importantly turn these challenging resolutions into second nature habits when you want to accomplish something that may seem impossible.

US Family Health Plan wants to help you accomplish your resolutions in 2017. Stay focused!