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Retiree Appreciation Month -- US Family Health Plan Salutes Tyrone Davis

Posted by Kay Lucas on Oct 28, 2015 1:42:21 PM

We at US Family Health Plan – a TRICARE PRIME option -- appreciate the sacrifice of all of our retired military service members.  In October we celebrate Retiree Appreciation Month to honor them.

As part of this celebration, we are presenting a new blog series entitled -- A Salute to Our Retired Service Members.  This series will spotlight US Family Health Plan members, here in the Northeast, who have dedicated a career of service to our U.S. military. We want to highlight both their dedicated military service and their many accomplishments since retirement.

Today’s spotlight is on Tyrone Davis, Global Training Manager for Military Health Services at International SOS.

Tyrone Davis, a native of Philadelphia, PA, retired as a senior master sergeant from the U.S. Air Force in 2005.  While serving, Tyrone became a highly skilled healthcare professional. Enlisting in the U.S. Air Force in 1977, he began training as a dental technician at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas and later traveled to Ramstein, Germany, where he worked at the Ramstein Dental Clinic.  Eventually, with more experience under his belt, he became facility administrator for dental clinics across the world -- Kansan, South Korea, Izmir, Turkey and Ft. Clayton, Panama.  

Tyrone retired in 2005 as senior master sergeant – staying in service 8 additional years beyond his retirement eligibility date.   His decision was based on three important considerations: 1) an increased monetary retirement benefit, 2) more professional development, and 3) the ability to complete his college degree at no cost. He also got the unexpected benefit of qualifying to earn his Master’s degree at no charge under the 9/11 GI Bill, which he took advantage of.  He now looks back and realizes the importance accomplishing his educational goals, while still serving in the military.

Tyrone quickly transitioned into government healthcare after his retirement.  He leveraged his extensive education and training to become a TRICARE trainer, teaching military benefits personnel about how the TRICARE program works.  In teaching about TRICARE, Tyrone learned about US Family Health Plan – at TRICARE Prime healthcare option. 

Tyrone is now a US Family Health Plan member. This plan is his option of choice because, as he explains “US Family Health Plan provides me with a different set of healthcare provider alternatives, compared to the standard healthcare options.  And I don’t mind the single person cost of $280 per year one bit.”

As a TRICARE trainer, Tyrone Davis counseled other military retirees to thoroughly understand the exceptional healthcare benefits value their military retirement package offers. Many of these options, including US Family Health Plan, are substantially less costly than health plans offered in the commercial private sector.  He states “These options are worth exploring to the fullest, including US Family Health Plan--an option that many qualified retirees are not as aware of.”

Tyrone Davis, we at US Family Health Plan salute you this month for your dedicated service to our country, your ability to build a career and gain a higher education through your military service, and for the work you are doing to help military retirees and active military families live better and healthier lives.


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