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What is Tai Chi?

Posted by USFHP on Apr 12, 2023 12:45:00 PM

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Tai Chi Chuan “太極拳”, which means ‘supreme ultimate’ boxing or fist, originated as a martial art in 12th-century China. Tai Chi is considered a martial art because its very precise form of practice trains you to move through highly coordinated motion. While it may be tempting to perform the form quickly, it does not help achieve the coordination necessary to perform Tai Chi in a martial context. Often, critical details are overlooked when Tai Chi is done without patience. 

Combined with meditation and breathing techniques, it involves slow, powerful movements. Tai chi is also referred to as "moving meditation" due to its constant precise motion. Many practitioners believe that there is an energy flowing through the human body, called qi (pronounced "chee") and that Tai Chi helps with the flow of qi within one's body. 

Research has shown that Tai Chi may help improve the following:

  • Balance
  • Strength 
  • Breathing
  • Flexibility 
  • Heart and Lung Function 
  • Mental Health

We are happy to include Tai Chi classes for our members as part of the USFHP TRICARE Prime Enhanced Benefits - Wellness Reimbursement! Tai Chi can be included in your weekly schedule as often as you like. Although it is recommended to do Tai Chi regularly in the morning, some individuals may choose to practice before bedtime to enhance better sleep. Maintaining a consistent workout schedule will greatly promote overall health. 

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