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US Family Health Plan Employee Spotlight -- A Salute to Josephine Grey Martin

Posted by Kay Lucas on May 24, 2016 8:00:00 PM


At US Family Health Plan, we appreciate the sacrifice and valor of our retired U.S. military service members.  Our entire company is dedicated to serving the military community. We provide the TRICARE Prime benefit to military families.  This coverage is available exclusively to U.S. military retirees and/or the families of currently deployed service members. For 20 consecutive years, we are happy to say we have consistently maintained a 90% or better approval rating by our current members. 

One of the reasons we are able to consistently deliver such a high level of service is because of the people who work here. Today we salute Josephine Grey Martin – one of our Health Benefits Associates. Josephine joined US Family Health Plan in 2013, after retiring from 24 years of service in the U.S. Army.

Originally from South Florida, Josephine began her military career in 1989 at the age of 17.  She chose the U.S. Army because she wanted to go to college, travel and gain valuable life experience – all opportunities that the U.S. Army offered. While she didn’t originally plan to spend a whole career in the Army, she found the work so rewarding, she stayed for the next 24 years.   

Josephine quickly found her Army career was able to provide everything she wanted in life – travel, education, experience – even a husband and family.  But what she enjoyed most was being able to help soldiers and their families get the benefits they needed and deserved. She worked on a number of high profile assignments in human resources and healthcare.  She also enjoyed the camaraderie of being in the service.  But the focal point of her career was her ability to serve others.  

Upon joining the Army in 1989, Josephine’s first assignment was in Fort Dix, New Jersey. In 1991, she traveled to Germany, where she oversaw personnel assignments for every soldier stationed in Europe.  After Germany, she was based in Ft. Belvoir, near Richmond, Virginia, where she worked in the Intelligence Security Command overseeing HR for intelligence and securities personnel in that region. 

She later returned to the Northeast, and eventually back to Ft. Dix, the same base where her military career started.  Here she worked at Joint Force Headquarters, helping National Guard units prepare for deployment and return, on a statewide level.  In this position she managed the administration of statewide New Jersey health claims, billing, medical boards and disability for the National Guard. She also completed Warrant Officer Candidate School during this period. 

While based at Ft. Dix, Josephine met her husband to be, Major Todd Martin and in October 2015, she and Todd married and formed a new family along with her 8 year old son, Luis. The family chose to stay in New Jersey, where Todd is still serving.  Todd and Josephine both share a love for travelling, sports and cars. 

Josephine retired after 24 years of service on April 1, 2013 and started working for US Family Health Plan less than two weeks later. At this time, she also completed her Masters Degree program in Health Services Administration. Josephine was an excellent match for US Family Health Plan because she had the exact type of experience the company needed -- military healthcare benefits and the medical needs of soldiers and their families. She was also familiar with our territory -- New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia region.  “Working for US Family Health Plan was a natural evolution of my career”. 

As a Health Benefits Consultant for US Family Health Plan, Josephine’s primary job is to brief military retirees, and the families of deployed service members about the benefits US Family Health Plan offers. She accomplishes this through individual briefings, group briefings and by attending key military events throughout the year. “Unfortunately, not many retirees are properly informed about their benefits, in leaving the military service. It is my job to fill that gap.”  She further explained that many retirees go for years before learning about US Family Health Plan -- sometimes missing a golden opportunity.  They tend to join other TRICARE programs or just sign on for their company’s health care plan, at a much greater cost.  

Josephine knows military healthcare and she firmly believes that US Family Health Plan has some distinct advantages over other programs.  These include an enhanced benefit package, a robust physicians’ network, a flexible referral program and unmatched affordability ($282.60 per year for individuals; $565.20 per year for families).

Josephine makes it her business to ensure all eligible service members are aware and enrolled in US Family Health Plan- TRICARE PRIME. 

In her spare time, Josephine also fits in teaching Zumba classes in the evening.  She also plans to return to school to earn a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership & Health Care Administration as the next step in her career. Josephine Grey Martin, well done!

PS---Did we mention that “Jo” and her family are also proud members of US Family Health Plan?

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