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Are you Pre-Diabetic? Knowing Can Make All the Difference

Posted by USFHP on May 7, 2021 11:01:00 AM
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Dieting with Diabetes: Antioxidant Rich Foods Help Prevent Diabetes

Posted by USFHP on Apr 9, 2021 10:06:23 AM

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Beating Diabetes: Getting Active with Comprehensive Diabetes Care

Posted by USFHP on Apr 2, 2021 9:09:39 AM

We’ve all heard the statistics. Diabetes is the No. 7 cause of death in the United States. It is the leading cause of kidney failure, as well as adult blindness, and limb amputations. The number of adults with diabetes has more than doubled over the past 20 years, as the disease currently affects more than 10.5% of the total U.S. population.

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Living with Type 2 Diabetes: A Journey to Wellness

Posted by USFHP on Feb 19, 2021 10:02:00 AM

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