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Give Your Brain a Boost in Ten Minutes

Posted by USFHP on Sep 8, 2021 12:15:00 PM
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Defy the Odds: Living Past 110 More Likely Than You Think

Posted by USFHP on Jul 30, 2021 12:25:00 PM

So, what are the odds of living past 110 years old? In 2015, the earth was home to roughly half a million “centenarians” or people aged 100 and older. This figure is more than four times the amount in 1990. A recent study reported individuals who eat a high-quality healthy diet and do at least 30 minutes or more of daily exercise can increase life expectancy by 10 years. 

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5 Ways to Win the War on Closet Clutter this Fall

Posted by Kay Lucas on Sep 27, 2016 8:00:00 PM

Alas, the cool breeze of fall has arrived and the sultry summer days are gone. It’s time to pack up those shorts, t-shirts, and sundresses, and replace them with sweaters, fall suits and holiday attire. The process of decluttering a closet can be intimidating and time-consuming. Why? Because many of us tend to hold on to stuff too long.  This tendency can make the fall switcheroo that much more difficult.  

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5 Everyday Ways to Be Less Stressed

Posted by Kay Lucas on Jul 19, 2016 8:00:00 PM

Stress is a killer. It can steal away your happiest moments while setting the stage for serious health conditions such as heart disease, hypertension and cancer.  To maximize your health and well-being one of the first steps is to eliminate unnecessary stress in your everyday life. Today US Health Plan – a TRICARE Prime health program – offers five simple ways to eradicate unneeded stress from your life. 

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24 Hour Digital Detox

Posted by Kay Lucas on May 10, 2016 8:00:00 PM

Digital technology has changed the way we live our lives. While technological advance is a good thing, it has also had an intrusive effect on how we live and on our peace of mind.  Some of us are starting to feel like androids from Star Trek, instead of real human beings. Just like them, we walk and drive around all day connected to wires and equipment that constantly beep and ring.  

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